Pranayama; the Art & Practice of mastering Breath, with Rose Baudin.

Living Yoga Sanga, First floor, 63 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby

Seventy-two thousand channels Threading through five sheaths, Here the Self ever makes its home. The wise ones see it as the temple Of the Lord. (Swami Muktananda)

Every quality & energy that makes up a person exists within these 5 shealths called Panchakoshas. All the shealths work together to create one unified being.
For the sake of clarity, it is helpful to look at them individually. During the 3 sessions we will explore the koshas with special attention to Pranamaya Kosha.
Pranamaya Kosha is comprised of the Panchvayus or 5 “winds”. The vayus make possible all cellular function, all neuronal activity, fluid pulsation and metabolic activity: In fact, the vayus suggest the pulsation and dynamic functioning of all life itself within the matrix of the 72,000 nadis.

Prana Vayu – Inspiration/vitality Apana Vayu – Elimination Samana Vayu – Digestion/assimilation Udana Vayu – Expression/enthusiasm Vyana Vayu – Circulation/integration

Through pranayama we become intimate with Sukshma Shirira, our subtle body, and activate or mitigate the strength of each vayu. Due to stress, nervous tension, digestive disorder and postural instability, the vayus become easily unbalanced.

We will learn specific pranayama sequences for each vayu, aiming at bringing all the vayus into harmony and supporting us to move forward in life in the best possible way!

Investment : $99 full course payment due before the course commences. (Or $35 by the session, bookings essential)