Kriya Meditation with Simon Menlove

Living Yoga Sanga, First floor, 63 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby

Friday, 6.30 - 8pm. The main focus will be Kriya Yoga Meditation, coming together to practice the basic kriyas, as taught through the lineage of Babaji and Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath aka 'Gurunath' as he is known. This is the kriya yoga mentioned in the spiritual classic 'Autobiography of a Yogi' written by Paramahansa Yogananda & taught by Yogananda & Sri Yukteswar..... This is only for students who have been initiated into kriya yoga as taught by Gurunath or one of his certified teachers.

Donations appreciated, to contribute for the use of this space and to help bring Gurunath to Australia in 2019. Every third Friday, monthly (usually) stay connected for changes and updates.